How does it work?

How to solve scanning issues?

First: Update your app in the Play store (Android) or App store (Apple)

App store (iPhone / iPad)

Play store (Android)

  1. Login with your account (same as before)

  2. While scanning your board there is a RED rectangle added to the camera to help you with the scanning method as shown below.

  3. After scanning, save the image and go to the back-end system. There you will see that the scanning/counting of your board is better then before.

This way of scanning is wrong!!
Try to scan your board without any background.

This is the right way for scanning/counting.
Just scan the glue grid or glue part on your board.



App & Management website

You can use the scan software in two ways.

  1. If you only want to count the flies on a glue board, you can proceed to download our app. It’s free and you don’t have to register.
  2. If, on top of counting, you also want to have an overview of the historical data, then you should register for this website. It allows you to import your customers and their locations.

Targeted audience

Glue board scanning is available for all sizes of pest controllers. From small companies that just need a simple app, to bigger companies who want complete logging for their customers. We can even supply you with an API where we can couple our technlogy to you existing software.

Platforms: Android & iOS – Network: WIFI or 3G/4G

  1. Login
  2. Choose client and location
  3. Now you can make a photo of the glueboard with the camara in your phone
  4. Automatic upload of the photo to the server
  5. Results will be reported back on the screen. The checksum is a value which can be used by an inspector to recover the number